Jpeg vs Raw

  1. compresses an image to make the file smaller. JPEG files are some of the most popular and widely used image formats in the world. And a RAW file contains all the uncompressed and unprocessed image data captured by the sensors of a digital camera or scanner.
  2. Raw has the bigger file size then Jpeg.
  3. Yes you can you use Software such as adobe photoshop lightroom enables you to process RAW files, edit, and export as, for example, a JPEG or PNG — making a copy so you still have the RAW file with all its detail. Because they’re so large, sharing RAW files can be challenging.
  4. If i was shooting an event i would shoot raw if i had the space to so i can get the best quality possible of the event.

Pop Art

  1. pop art is an art movement that emerged in the late 1950s and ’60s that challenged the traditions of fine art by using imagery from popular and mass culture
  2. Warhol went on to become an illustrator for Glamour magazine, which placed him as a leading figure in the 1950s Pop Art movement.
  3. there just pictures that other people took and are random colors
  4. i did him cause hes most popular and his work is just different and i like it

studio portraits critque

  1. the purpose of the main light is to give the original light of your subject
  2. the fill light is to fill in the darkness of your subject that is left
  3. Butterfly lighting and Split lighting and hair light


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1.Camera operator

2. making good shots and deciding camera positions

3. $42,120

4. i like to find good angles and just finding good pictures

5. you need a bachelor’s degree in the film your doing